HSGM hot cutting knife.

HSGM Hot Cutter.

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HSGM Hot blade for fine cutting the cable sock without it unraveling.

Within 8 seconds, temperature and light directed to the cutter to, energy efficient.

Used only flow if you hold the hilt!

Price incl cutter (as in picture)

230V - 60 watts.

Multi-deployable, including cutting rope or band singes, also for cable socket and cable wrap.

to charge up to 10 minutes at a time.

Snijmes F-2

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Voor het snijden van banden tot ca. 35 mm breed en koorden/touwen tot 35 mm doorsnede.

Snijder G-90

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Snijpunt voor het inkorten van brede banden tot 60 mm.

Niet voor de HSGM warmtemes!