Powerlink 2 in1

Powerlink 2 in 1

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BOSSCOM's Powerlink 2 in 1 switch is developed for powered Bang & Olufsen speakers which can be connected in assistance of a Bang & Olufsen powerlink cable.

The Powerlink 2 in 1 switch creates the opportunity for two different sound sources to share a pair of powered powerlink speakers from Bang & Olufsen. This is particularly attractive, if the soundsources are not connected. e.g. via Masterlink.

An example:
• BeoSound 5 Encore. (B&O standalone audio produkt)
• BeoVision TV
• A pair of powered B&O speakers

Plug and play:
When the Powerlink 2 in 1 is installed correctly, it will automatically select one of the two connected sound sources to be played.

Power supply, 12V 400mA




IR Eye => Minijack 2 meter

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Can be ordered for programming on the Powerlink Switch 2in1.

Also fits to the Beovision's