Samsung TV to beolab

Connect your BeoLab speakers to your Samsung TV.

ATTENTION, it is important that the headphone output is regulated,

So put in the hard or softening of the TV

the sound with headphones connected also go hard or softer.

USB Trigger to DIN8 Female for Laptop

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BANG & OLUFSEN compatible adapter cable based on the audio cable in good quality,

fitted with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for analog audio and trigger cable,

fitted with a USB connector, for use of USB "trigger" from eg PC, MAC,

USB Power supply or anything that could supply via USB.

The cable comes out in an 8-pin DIN female connector

that allows for the continuation signals in existing or new Powerlink cables and you are using 2 Powerlink cables,

you can split the signal with a Powerlink split cable Y cable.


NOT be used for BeoLab 5, 50 and 90.



Powerlink Y-Cable Black

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powerlink Y kabel
This cable is used to still be able to connect to a second speaker . BeoLab speaker with a 1 input , ( eg beolab3 )
The white / silver Din plug behind the beolab3 speaker , two others in the Powerlink cables. ready.
Also possible with Powerlink splitter 1 to 5 for connection 5 beolabs to one connection, scroll down for these connector


USB lader tbv USB Trigger kabel

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USB stecker.

Wifi Streamer / HDMI-ARC

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This WiFi Streamer can directly stream wireless to connected BeoLabs.

For the older ones with a DIN8 connection, an RJ45 to DIN8 female is included for connecting 2 BeoLab speakers, in addition,
this WIFI-Streamer for connecting to TVs via an HDMI-ARC or can be connected via the optical out of the TV. operate with the supplied remote control or via app)

The RJ45 connection can also be used as an input, if necessary a BeoCenter/sound can be connected.

So if you want to connect 1 Overture and 2 BeoLabs, an extra Y cable is needed (din8), or you connect the BeoLab together, ask us if you can't figure out the possibilities.

NOTE, When connecting via the HDMI-ARC, the TV sound setting should be set to PCM.


This WiFi Streamer has a built-in trigger signal of 4.5V to switch the speakers on and off.

supports Airplay 2, you can stream Spotify via iPad and can be connected to other Airplay 2 devices, including Sonos, B&O, Heos etc.



•WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

•Bluetooth 5


•5V trigger signal

•RJ45 audio in/out


•App Muzo Pod

•Dimension. 10 x 10 x 3.5 cm

This is the perfect solution for connecting your B&O speakers to TVs that only have an HDMI arc or optical connection, and you can also stream via Bluetooth.

with 2 wifi streamers you can also use multi-room.


1 X RJ45 - 2 x DIN8 Female Cable

1 X Remote Control

1 X USB Charging Cable

1 X 230V Power Supply

1 X HDMI Cable 50 cm

color is black


controllable via the App or with the supplied remote control, t

he TV volume responds to the remote control of the TV itself.

In the App you will find TuneIn to stream internet radio.

Spotify or Qubuz can be activated via login codes (payment versions)

On the App is, (App=WiiM Pod)

TuneIn, Iheartradio, Spotify, QQmusic, Tidal, Napster, Qubuz, Amazon Music.

more info: just email us, or go to ower website for more details.

Digital to Analoog converter

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Digital to Analog Converter.

Consists of,

1 X Converter with Toslink or Coaxial input, 2 X RCA output.

1 X 230V power supply.

1 X optical cable (Toslink), length 1 meter.

Modern TVs that you want to link to your beosound / center have 1 drawback, the headphone output is not there, but there is optical out, with this converter you can still connect the TV to beosound / center on the AUX, so you can hear the sound from the TV can play over the beosound / center to which the beolab speakers are connected.

You still need the DIN5 to Tulip, see below.

DIN5 naar tulp, Lengte 1,20 meter.

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DIN5 (AUX) to 2 x RCA connector

Cable length 1,20 meter

TV with USB? use this cable

Av-connection - Bosscom
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Have your TV has a headphone output and USB?

Use the USB cable and 1 Powerlink Y-cable.

To this you can connect 2 power link cables.

How it works,

Connect the USB (trigger) cable to the USB port of your TV (0.5V Trigger) connect the 3.5mm mini-jack to the headphone output, stop now the Y cable into the female v / d cable.

Now you can connect 2 power link cables to your existing speakers to BeoLab.

(often in the TV menu, you need to activate the headphone)



USB (trigger) cable € 35,00 euro

Powerlink Y-cable € 20,00 euro


Not for beolab 5, 50 and 90