Powerlink Switch

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Powerlink switch - Speaker Adapter


Now connect your Beolab speakers to SONOS Connect with this switch.

Through the SONOS ANALOOG OUT, connect the supplied cable to both ANALOG OUT, connect the minijack with the switch in the input, AUX IN.

You can connect 2 beolab speakers with a (not supplied) Powerlink Y cable on the other side.

When the SONOS is turned on, both beolab speakers jump on or off when the SONOS is turned off.

This switch can also be connected via the headphones from the TV to the AUX-IN

Powerlink IN in front can be linked to a B & O Beocenter / Master / OID.

You can also use minijack - minijack at apple airport express.

incl 230V Adapter.

A 12 volt power supply is included with Euro plugs, you need US plug to EU




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Minijack (3,5 mm) to 2 X RCA

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This cable requires you to connect the SONOS to the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.

Cable lenght 1,50 M

Minijack (3,5mm) to Minijack (3,5mm)

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This cable fits headset from Apple TV / Mobile or Airplay, the other side fits into the Powerlink Switch Speaker Adapter.


Cable lenght 1,50 M

Bosscom Powerlink switch with spdif.

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Supplied with this Powerlink switch,
1 x power switch link
1 x Din to 3 x RCA ,
1 x power cable
1 x 3.5mm to toslink
1 x toslink to toslink
Dimensions L x W x H
120 mm X 80 mm X 35 mm ( incl. feet )

Order it,
high-end RCA 1 or 3 meter for connection to TV or Hi-Fi.

To connect these small and easy Powerlink Switch for Airplay has an additional Toslink input for connecting to Apple Airport Express or Sonos systems or other digital source .

The unit is 100 % compatible with BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

It offers you the solution to many problems of audio systems such as connecting your BeoLab speakers to another brand of TV or hi-fi system .
How does it work?
All of the audio signal - either digital or analog which will be converted in 100% standard signal compatible to the
BANG & OLUFSEN systems .

Each stereo sound source can be connected .
On ,
Input 1 , DIN cable become the TV or HiFi via RCA cable (red / white) ( not supplied ) to the yellow / red input connected.
Input 2 , possibly an overture / BeoSound 3000 oid
Input 3 , SPDIF / TOSLINK IN with a controlled volume output for connection to an Apple Airport Express or SONOS system .
All input signals as required by means DIP switches
be switched. at the bottom of the Power Switch Link

 Read manual

Take a looking video.



Powerlink Y kabel RJ45

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Order along for the Powerlink II switch.
Y-cable to connect two BeoLab Speakers

DIN5> Mini Jack Length 1.5 M

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This cable can be used if the TV has a regular headphone jack, the din cable goes into the Powerlink Switch and the mini jack stop the headphone output.

Powerlink Y-Kabel.

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Order it for Powerlink switch airplay.

Powerlink Y-cable to connect 2 speakers.

ProfiQ RCA Male - Male, Tulp - Stekkers 24K Gold.

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High-end cables with gold plated connectors.


RCA-Minijack-Stereo 1.8 meter.

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Headphones cable output to amp or something.